Ulta Beauty is one of the largest beauty retailers in North America. It offers cosmetics, skincare and a wide range of beauty products at all price points.

I challenged myself to rethink its position in the beauty and retail space. I gave the brand an updated logo and visual identity system that modernizes the company while continuing to appeal to a broad demographic.
Visual Identity
This project aims to elevate Ulta's brand with an identity refresh that broadens its appeal to its consumer base while maintaining approachability and accessibility across consumers of all generations. It will preserve its ethos of presenting beauty at all price points.

Elevating the design of Ulta Beauty will enrich customer experience both in-store and online and will generate stronger brand recognition and loyalty.
Ulta is America's largest retailer in the beauty and cosmetic industry with a diverse customer demographic. In the past few years, younger millennial + Gen-Z shoppers have become their largest consumer base. However, their appeal is broad given its diverse inventory. They are now focused on bringing in trending and inclusive beauty brands, framing itself as the retailer for emerging, digital-first make-up companies. They are also focused on elevating mass and mid-range brands.
Target Audience
Ulta aims to target people of all ages with their merchandise: half their customers are younger, female beauty enthusiasts and the other half are women aged 35+. With Ulta being one of the largest cosmetic retailers in the US, they must appeal to the average beauty consumer.
Key Words
Approachable, joy, friendly, trendy, inclusive