Periodical is an interactive news platform that empowers news consumers in their local communities.

I worked with my team to research and discover an opportunity space at the intersection of news + activism. This digital platform gives readers a way to make a difference with a robust program for community engagement.

Our team was tasked to design a digital ecosystem with multiple touch points across devices. We considered: device context and capabilities, feature sets across devices, scaling of information, and brand expression.

This project included concept development, competitive analysis, and user workshops that involved brainstorming, ideation and synthesis.

Problem Space—Reading the news and staying informed can often have the negative side effect of feeling powerless. Our team wanted to explore potential opportunities for users to stay engaged and informed while maintaining a sense of agency in their lives.

Value Proposition—Revitalizing traditional news to empower
Key Features

Interactive Storytelling—
Periodical offers featured interactive stories through the home page to maintain reader engagement .

Connect with Communities—To maintain our commitment to active community engagement, sections of the layout are dedicated to user-created volunteer opportunities. These opportunities are dispersed across the ecosystem, with a dedicated Community Section that includes a robust program for engagement.

Action Kits—
In addition to helping people stay informed, we came up with the concept of "action kits." These kits provide items to help people give back to their communities while donating proceeds to the organizations they care about.
My team conducted a competitive analysis of related or existing solutions which helped us narrow our opportunity space with key takeaways and insights.
Conducted two workshops that informed our insights and guided us in building framework for our solution. We provided background and analysis of our project and problem space with stakeholders and then conducted a brainstorm around opportunity areas.
Task Flow Map +  Wireframes
Exploration 1
Three initial visual directions + concepts generated from our workshop.
Exploration 2
Following feedback from Exploration 1, we finalized one concept to present to key stakeholders with the following framework and mission