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My research paper on visual identity in the 2020 presidential campaign.
I wrote a research paper titled, "The Use of Visual Communication Design + Messaging to Enhance the Political Brand: 2020 Presidential Campaign Case Studies" which can be found here.

‍‍The space of political branding is going to proliferate and grow more complex as voters gradually begin to consume more of their news through digital mediums. Political campaigns in the United States understand the importance of establishing an effective brand and visual identity as a means to cultivate an ideal persona and reach new voters. Through the lens of visual communication design, this paper assesses the brand identity and messaging strategies of four 2020 presidential candidates. I argue that a visual identity system and coherent messaging strategy must work in tandem for political brand campaigns to be effective. Visual communication designers and academic researchers must better understand the role of visual communication design within political brand strategy and assess its efficacy as a tool for effective political communication, especially given the rise of social media and political news consumption.

Contemporary Topics in Design
Audrey Desjardins, PhD
Fall 2020 Seminar
University of Washington
Department of Art + Art History + Design
Personal Desk
‍‍My personal desk designed and built at John-Grew Sheridan Studio.
Made with zebrawood and purple heart.
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